About Us

Here at Dot Associates, domain names are our passion.

The heart of our business is finding amazing domain names for our clients. Having the right domain name can give you a huge competitive advantage in terms of branding, marketing, credibility and much, much more.

Specifically we focus in four main areas:

  1. Consulting: We consult with customers to help them find and acquire the right domain name for their business or brand
  2. Buying and Selling: We buy and sell premium domain names for investment purposes
  3. Brokerage Services: We broker premium domain name acquisitions or sales to ensure that our clients receive maximum value for their investments
  4. Content: We also enjoy providing educational content through our blog relating to the domain name industry, the web and business in general.

Our Sales and Acquisition Approach

From a sales point of view, we actively pursue buyers that will receive the most value from the domain names that are bought through us. We offer domain names at prices that are reasonable for those buyers, and typically for much less than you would find from “traditional” domain name re-sellers.

Our approach is basically the same for domain names we obtain for ourselves or on behalf of our clients. We aim to acquire the highest quality domain names at fair prices.